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WCIC provides suppliers, brokers, packaging companies and stakeholders with actionable intelligence (data, information and analysis) on BJ's, Costco, Cost-U-Less, PriceSmart and Sam's Club. That data, information and analysis is disseminated through four resources:

Publishing - There are four publishing products: Warehouse Club Focus, a bi-weekly newsletter that has been published since 1997, the Warehouse Club Industry Guide, an annually updated 300-plus page book that has been published since 1998, our industry White Papers (updated for 2019) and our Club Buying Strategies (updated for 2019).

Industry Intelligence - Our nine module online resource called industry intelligence goes beyond our publishing products to offer access to item data, key industry analytics and reports. View a short video about three of those modules: reconnaissance, analytics and industry snapshot.

On Site Seminars - We'll bring our warehouse club expertise, knowledge and analysis to you. Wal-Mart, Sam's Club Mexico, Coca-Cola, Heineken, PriceSmart, Cost-U-Less, Citigroup, Ben & Jerry's and Lifetime have all benefited from our customized programs. Click here for more information.

Human Intelligence - Our straightforward classified advertising program (human intelligence) connects club industry stakeholders to potential club industry employees not just online but through Warehouse Club Focus.

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